Part of my practice includes routine gynaecological treatment. This is quite variable ranging from menstrual disorders, menopause, urinary incontinence and so forth. I have an operating list regularly for this.


CST (Cervical Screening Test)  

The PAP test changed over to CST on the 1st December 2017 and cervical cancer screening in Australia changed from two-yearly PAP testing to five-yearly HPV testing.

If a CST is done during your consultation, please phone our rooms on 02 42713900 approximately 2 weeks later to discuss your results.


NSW Pap Test Register

The NSW Pap Test Register (PTR) was established in 1996, in accordance with the Public Health Act, as a central and confidential record of cervical test results for NSW residents. 

A new National Cancer Screening REgister (NCSR) has replaced the State and Territory cervical screening registers (including the NSW Pap Test Register) from 1 December 2017 and will provide a national database of cervical screening records.

For more information about cervical screening, visit the NSW Cervical Screen Program